Saturday, August 9, 2008

Days 35-44

Day 35. Marietta, GA

We said
goodbye to the
dudes in I Call Fives and
hello to The Awkward Romance.
Game time.

Day 36. Tallahassee, FL

Best dudes:
No Excuses.
Tallahassee is one
of my favorite places to
play still.

Day 37. Panama City, FL

shit I got to
pee on Casey's leg and
swim in the gulf of Mexico.
Life rules.

Day 38. Stuart, FL

show equipped
with new friends and good dudes.
Free food and free shirts makes for a
good night.

Day 39. Augusta, GA

our second song,
I looked off stage to see
my girlfriend drove to Georgia to
see me.

Day 40. Charleston, SC

Jess, Josh,
Car and I went
to the beach and spent the
day in the city. So nice to
see them.

Day 41. Spartanburg, SC

We for-
got to say, "This
is madness. No this is
SPARTANBURG!." It was still a cool
show though.

Day 42. Wilmington, NC

For the
first time all tour,
I couldn't remember
what town we were in. Hate how it
all blends.

Day 43. Newport News, VA

I love
all the kids here.
Best friends I could ask for.
Dave and I met four years ago.
Weird, right?

Day 44. Philadelphia, PA

Home rules.
Not only did
I eat Wawa, I got
to play my favorite venue.
Bye, tour.