Friday, July 25, 2008

Days 21-34

Day 21. Monterey, CA

Thanks to
the Wassermans
we had a relaxing
time in Monterey by the hot

Day 22. San Francisco

We rode
tandem bikes to
the Golden Gate Bridge where,
in victory, Mikey and I
stood alone.

Day 23. Reno, NV

In pitch
black darkness, we
jumped from a fifteen foot
cliff into the river below.
None died.

Day 24. Santa Maria, CA

and I came in
first and second during
a twenty-two man laster tag
blow out.

Day 25. Ontario, CA

Mike and
Ant were held up
at gun point but the dude
forgot to load the gun. What a
dumb ass.

Day 26. Las Vegas, NV

two weeks, we have
Rich backm but we don't have
money or pride after time in

Day 27. Las Vegas, NV

Packed out
little cafe:
Dont know how you survive
these punk rock shows, but I'm, glad that
you do.

Day 28. Mesa, AZ

I missed
seeing Ashmore.
I'm glad he's doing well.
On the other hand, our van is
so fucked.

Day 29. Albuquerque, NM

got killed in an
epic dust strom but we
powered through and played a really
fun show.

Day 30. Midland, TX

I hate
Texas. It's hot
and could not be any
bigger, but the kids rule and that's
what counts.

Day 31. San Antonio, TX

You know
most people would
think the Alamo would
be receptive to guests but it
is not.

Day 32. Oklahoma City, OK

The home
of Toby Keith
is far from proud of its
native son. Don't think I would be

Day 33. Little Rock, AK

all day numbs my
brain. It's not even that
I'm tired; it's just that I'm so
damn bored.

Day 34. Henagar, AL

Who would
have thought this state
would have dope shows. Plus we
get to see Rocky. My eye got
jabbed though.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Days 12-19

Day 12. Morris, IL

Promoter. Get
fucked, dude. Rumor has it
you blame the venue but it's all
on you.

Day 13. Cornerstone, IL

Five in
the morning saw
me sneaking us into
Cornerstone Festival. Sorry,

Day 14. Kansas City, MO

We sat
at the highest
point in Kansas City
and watched more fireworks than I
could count.

Day 15. Warrensburg, MO

in the weirdest
towns on earth, ten kids will
come see us. That's a really good

Day 16. Denver, CO

It filled us up.
I rode bikes at the show.
Kids had water balloon fights. Den-
ver rules.

Day 17. Richland, WA

Two hours of
driving sees the Falcon
hurting pretty badly but she
keeps on.

Day 18. Tacoma, WA

Show ruled.
Shelby couch moshed.
Saw Seattke all day.
It may have been the coolest ci-
ty yet.

Day 19. Portland, OR

isn't all it's
cracked up to be but it
is a really clean and friendly

Day 20. San Jose, CA

for Santa Cruz:
Sixty-Two and smokey.
On top of this, we played in an

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Days 7-11

Day 7. Taylor, PA

Hung out
in a box car
yard and ate Waffle house.
I can't complain about any
of that.

Day 8. Lemoyne, PA

I love
Regardless of turnout
Cody and the central PA
kids rule.

Day 9. Cleveland, OH

Got in
some sweet stage dives,
verbally assaulted
some dumb blonde bitch in a Hummer.
Good day.

Day 10. Taylor, MI

I stood
on a bunch of
kids and screamed about how
everything will be okay.
It will.

Day 11. Madison Heights, MI

This was
day six on my
Force Fed T-shirt. It smells
but I'm still representing the
straight edge.