Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're really sorry about all of this...

Last night we played directly after a candle lit ceremony honoring those who have died from cancer recently. It could not have been a more awkward situation and in true wonder years style, we answered the call by getting into a fight with the sound guy and playing very poorly (sorry to anyone who saw that haha). On the upside, Jordan, who ran it was a dope dude and I got to play volley ball with some high school kids for awhile.

Today my old job asked me to come in to work so I'm going to go make a few bucks. I'm also starting to put together our tour in August with some TBA bands.

Check out Title Fight and Tigers Jaw for some cool music.

Most importantly, one of our songs will be featured in the new Burning Angel DVD entitled Cum on My Tattoo 4. I'm excited

Friday, May 30, 2008


Tonight we have a show at some school in Jersey. I hope it's a good time. I really messed up my hand the other day doing landscaping stuff, so I hope that doesn't affect my guitar playing.

I saw the new Indiana Jones movie and it was pretty sweet. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to go to the movies and drop 9 bucks. Some of it was a little bit unrealistic, but come on, so is every other Indiana Jones movie.

For anyone who is looking for new music, I've been obsessed with new Living With Lions. There are 2 new songs on their myspace, which I visit daily.



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Should Probably Change My Major To Sanskrit

because it'd be about as valuable as my current major. I've come to this realization after reading a book by Dan Kennedy, a guy who worked at Warner Music for 18 months. Sweet book, it's called "Rock On" if you want to be a part of the music industry and want to get a jump-start on self-loathing. Disclaimer: if you really do major in a 3000 year old dead language, you're probably a sweet ass bull. Troc show was crucial the other day; fists high, stage dives, danced the night away... and what not. We're putting final touches on the Head Above Water Summer Tour. By "We" I mean Soupy.

I ate lunch with Kevin today. He is a tall Norwegian boy. He is in a band called Force Fed. They sing about being straight edge and hating everyone.

get into it.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Killing Time Before Work

I just watched Colbert make a TS Eliot joke. Swish.

We're playing the Troc tonight with some bands that we don't fit playing with. It should be buckets of LOLZ.

The Flyers broke all of our hearts earlier this week. My boy Evan does this project called Into It. Over It. It's a solo project where he writes and records a song every single week this year. He's up to 35 songs and this week's laments over the loss of our beloved Flyers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Yo, new tracks from our boys in Save Your Breath are up. Get into it:

Also, if you want to hear our new EP, is streaming it all on June 2nd. Check out for more info and shit.

School's been done for a hot minute now and I've just been hanging out and teaching. Last weekend I rode my bike out to Boat House Row because my boy Dave was coaching a crew team that was racing. It was a nice ride and probably the most eventful thing to happen to me lately, haha. Sad.

We're playing some shows this weekend. Will be nice to spend time in the van with the boys.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Soupy always has creative titles to this bullshit.

score update? the flyers lost to pittsburgh in the eastern conference finals. this doesn't mean pittsburgh is/ever will be good for anything, don't fool yourself pittsburgers. i mean c'mon, you fucking call yourself pittsburgers. okay, but for real, i don't have that big of a beef with you leftcoast keystone brethren. that's the most exciting shit that has happened to us i guess, because we've fallen off on writing on this thing harder than mike kennedy. we have some shows and some other cool shit happening leading up to the head above water tour that kicks off in late june. get into it.


p.s. big shout out to my brother who had his first child with his wife. i'm an uncle. i can't wait to buy that kid all kinds of dumb shit to annoy the crap out of my brother and sister-in-law. on that note, if anyone is really good at shrinking clothing, i'll throw you some shit to shrink up a wonder years shirt extra small for the kid. let me know before you start mailing me babysized clothes and expecting free shit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally Summer

Yesterday was my last class at Temple for the semester. I'm pretty sure I did well. I got two of my grades back... one being an A and one a B+. I just need to see how I did in the other three classes.

Now that I have more time, I've been starting to write some new songs. Some may be for the band, I'm not sure yet. I also want to shoot a short film before I leave, so if anyone is interested in helping (concept or acting), let me know.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She was a damned good dancer, but she wasn't all that great of a girlfriend

Today I have my last two finals. I woke up late and rode my bike to school only to arrive right after the instructions were given in my first test. I subsequently fucked up the order and had to redo the whole thing. This all still only took me a half an hour so now I'm killing time before my 11:30 final instead of putting together my portfolio for my assessment class because I forgot the folder. Go me! However, this does mean that after I hand that in tomorrow, I'm done school, which then means it's only a matter of time before we're on tour.

Last night I got these two records that I highly recommend to anyone.

The Hold Steady- Boys and Girls in America- This is some super cool pop-infused music with a really interesting vocal styling and dope lyrics. You're going to get a lot of Springsteen comparisons, but that doesn't do it justice. Go listen for yourselves. Standout tracks- Stuck Between Stations, Chips Ahoy and Citrus.

Dillinger Four- Midwestern Songs of America-
Sort of Poppy Punk with growly vocals that are sort of similar to the kind of shit the dude from Polar Bear Club does with his voice sometimes, but you know, done, what, ten years ago? Solid as shit. just listen. Stand out tracks- Mosh for Jesus and The Great American Going Out of Business Sale


Friday, May 9, 2008

Junior Year In The Books

"Well we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin all that noise
'Cause they found new toys
Well we can't salute ya
Can't find a flag
If that don't suit ya
That's a drag

School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

Well we got no class
And we got no principles
And we got no innocence
We can't even think of a word that rhymes

School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

Out for summer
Out till fall
We might not go back at all

School's out forever
School's out for summer
School's out with fever
School's out completely"

I couldn't have said it better than Alice Cooper. Peace out Lancaster.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Slots are wack, but JEW is not!

So much like my singer, I too was in Atlantic NJ this past weekend. However, my trip down there was not solely to gamble away money i do not have, although i did end up losing about 15 bucks total in the end. I actually got to see the Jimmy Eat World/Paramore show on Friday night at the Trump Taj Mahal. Deer and the Headlights opened, and I was not very impressed. Don't know how they landed that one, but not sure they deserved it just yet. Anyway, Paramore (Hailey) put on a pretty good set, although I felt it could have been mixed slightly better at points. Jimmy Eat World, however, put on one of the best rock shows I have seen in years!!! Not to mention the fact that this was the first concerts I have been sober for in quite some time...ha. Saturday night I saw Anti-Flag at the Factory, but had to leave half way through their set cause I could not take anymore of the god awful guitar mix! Their rhythm guitarist had a real nice rig (SG + Triple Rec, same as mine!)...but I could barely hear it at all. Just ashame. You would think that after all this time, Anti-Flag (and more importantly their sound guy!) would have the whole live punk rock thing down...Oh well, maybe next time guys.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Slot Machines are Confusing

My girlfriend and I went to the beach for the weekend. It was not a good week for it and was really too cold to go on the beach so we decided to go to Atlantic City and gamble. I don't know where all the sweet black jack tables and shit are, but I can tell you that there are endless fields of slot machines. Even the cheap slots you can only play with five dollar bills. Slot machines are not the simple concept they once were and we were confused into losing 40 dollars each. Casinos are weak.

Also, my room mate is trying to convince me to get a dog. Here's the thing: I'm scared SHITLESS of dogs. I had a really mean one as a kid. He and his girlfriend are starting to wear me down though. Look how fucking cute they are: