Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matt, April 30th

Last night was the first night in a while where I have slept for more than 5 hours. It felt great. I have so much school work to get done in the next few weeks. I have a final and a paper due tomorrow, a film to finish editing and adding in foley by Monday, and a five page paper due in my film noir class really soon. I'm on call for work tonight at the vans store and hopefully I won't have to go in. I need school to end to gain my sanity back. I hope everyone else that goes to college can relate.


Call Someone You Care About

Last night my Dad called me and let me know my Great Aunt Emmy died in her sleep. She was the closest thing I ever had to a grandmother. On the real, call someone you care about, life is too short to not spend time with your family.

I hope she's proud of me.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get Your Head the Fuck Above Water!

I'm so fucking stoked. Tour is almost done being booked and we should be announcing dates soon. Life in between tours is weird and I can't wait to get back into the Falcon with my best friends for a month and a half. This summer consists of touring, Dave from Mile High School's wedding, the beach and more touring.

So far, the week has been uneventful. My kids have been extra awesome in school this past week. We've been covering poetry and they write really impressive shit for second and third graders. I put a picture up on the left here that's me with Shanna, Shaniah, Hadleigh and Matia. They're adorable. Last night, my girlfriend and I got take out and did homework. We're exciting people. My boy DJ called me today. I haven't heard from him in months and it was good to hear from him. I think he's going to be trying out for I Call Fives so if it goes well, I'll get to see his ass all summer and I couldn't be more excited. Tomorrow is my mom's 25th anniversary at her job and I'm going to go to her banquet. My mom rules.

Last week was a good week for mail. I got my new Macbook and a copy of The Mr. T Experience record on vinyl. Here is a picture of said vinyl taken by said Macbook!

I'm going to leave you with these recommendations:

Read the Dear Klint Blog.
Listen to the new Chaos Days song.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Another monday

Thanks to everyone that hung around to see us play at Finn McCool's on friday night in Warrington. The show was fun and Balance and Composure rocked hard! Saturday night got out of hand real quick down in Maryland. haha. I want to give another b-day shout out to rich and an internet high five to josh and soupy. Apparently MD girls like to show their boobs to other moving vehicles...p.s. Also got to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night...and aside from an unnecessary amount of male frontal nudity, it was really funny. Side note: The chick that plays Jackie in That 70's Show looks real good in this movie! I guess the weather is making us pay for all the fun we had this weekend, cause it is totally shitty outside:( Slept through my first class this morning and don't plan on going to my other one. Going to attempt to get some odds and ends done before work at 5 tonight. This might consist of driving back home to pick up my guitar which i forgot at kennedy's house last night and a much needed trip to the store for food (which I currently have none of at my apartment). Other than that, i'm sure it will be another busy week, so i'll be sure to check in again soon when something interesting happens. Later


Thursday, April 24, 2008


so i am half drunk laying in my girlfriends bed waiting for her to get home from a jimmy eat world/paramore show. word. today was ok, much like josh i am a state schooler so i only have one more day of classes for the semester then new orleans to pretend i feel bad then tour. stoked. im exited to play a show this weekend and go down to MD for Richies Bday. its hard being at school and not playing. ok, well that half drunk is leaning towards full so im gonna peace. o ps. listen to balence and composure

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Got lucky on sunday night!

I almost forgot about Sunday, which found my friends and I at a place called Lucky Strike. Had a great time bowling and enjoying the vibe. Lots of big screens, pool tables, a LARGE bar, and good service made for an epic afternoon and evening. Its a national chain, and they have locations in most major cities, so check it out if your into bowling or just looking for a new place to go at night..


Kate Nash - not as cute in person...

So I did a lot of running around the city this weekend with my friend ben for Sony/BMG. I helped out (and by helped, out i mean i raced to get Ben to the show on time, bought pizza, and drank the free beer there!) at an in-store performance for UK pop cutie Kate Nash. Sadly, we concluded that she was not nearly as darling as the marketing dept. at Fiction/Interscope makes her out to be... But sounded good overall. If you are into Feist-like singer-songwriters, give her a listen... Picked up a copy of "The Devil and Daniel Johnston." I've been hearing a lot about this documentary lately for some reason and i saw it in A.K.A so i figured i'd pick it up (since Sony/BMG was fronting the bill...). Unfortunately I still haven't had a chance to watch it, but i'll probably get to it this weekend. I'll let you know what the verdict is. Had a great time outside on the deck Saturday night with friends from Drexel and NY. Wishing it was the weekend again though, cause I am currently stuck at work sitting in silence on a wednesday night. Totally looking forward to the show this Friday @ Finn McCool's, and possibly MD on Saturday for Richie's (TWY Merch Guy) B-Day. We will see.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Matt, April 22nd

Yesterday felt really good. I accomplished so much. I slept in, went to the bank to deposit a few checks, went grocery shopping, bought two new movies because they were on sale (and I'm a sucker for movies), skated at LOVE park, went to the gym, and finally, chilled with Laura, Soupy, Jess, and Steve.

Here are some pictures from my skate session at LOVE park...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Josh. April 22

I've never blogged before, but I guess it's time I got in with the whole internet fad. I'm pretty sure today is earth day, it's only thirty-four minutes into it, but I think the son of a bitch is hanging in there. I had a long day filled with school work, both monotonous and stimulating, but I got shit done and I think that's the point. Right now I'm working for the end of school so I can enjoy my six weeks of summer and then our summer tour. I'm stoked to head back out on the road and just hang out and play shows.

Let's Go Flyers, Game 7 tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Soupy. April 20th

Sunday's tend to fuck my shit up. First of all, I live across the street from an evangelist church, so I always get woken up at like 7 am to someone singing their soul up to Jesus over a PA system. Then, I wanted to go get a sandwich for lunch with my girlfriend and a bunch of places were closed on Sundays. Now, I'm finding out that we can't get a Salt Lake City date on our US tour because most of their population is Mormon and wont do shows on Sundays. So listen, I don't really have an issue with Jesus , but if you're someone who talks to him on some sort of a spiritual level, can you mention that he's really getting in the way with this Sabbath thing. I respect that people want to worship, but I have shit to get done and sandwiches to eat. Make it happen. Moving on...

I spent most of this weekend relaxing. I usually stay busy 7 days a week and I've been burning out so I did a lot of bike riding and a lot of sleeping. I spent today playing Super Mario Galaxy, booking summer tour and working on a paper for American Lit. Speaking of tour, we're out for 45 days this summer and probably hitting your area, so you'd better come chill because its the only chance we'll get to see you for a hot minute. Its called The Head Above Water Tour and is with I Call Fives and The Awkward Romance on select dates. I should be announcing it shortly.

Oh yea! We're almost out of pre-order vinyl. Purple by itself is sold out. There are only 8 package deals left and I'm not sure what we've got as far as Brown or Orange goes, but I know we're moving them fast. ORDER WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Matt, April 19th

This week has been another crazy one in regards to school work. I feel like whenever I get done my work, I get piles more. It is a never ending cycle, but it keeps me from getting lazy (I guess).

I finished shooting my final film for school on Thursday and I hope to get the developed film back on Monday. I can't wait to start editing it, I just hope everything came out the way I wanted it to. If you want to check out some of the other stuff I've done recently, it's up on my youtube account, which is

I have work all weekend, which is kind of a drag. So far I like my new job, it just takes me like an hour to get there which really blows. If anyone wants to come visit me, I work at the Vans store in King of Prussia.

Yesterday Soupy had a BBQ at his place in South Philly and it was chill. It has been a while since I've been to his place. On the way home, Laura and I passed a dude in a wheel chair passed out (or maybe dead) on the sidewalk. It was really bizarre.

I got to go get ready for work...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soupy. April 17th

It's god damn beautiful out in Philadelphia today and I was supposed to ride out to West Philly with my room mate to go to Bike Church which is this place in the basement of an old church that has tools and stands for you to work on your bike. Unfortunately, he had to go out before I got out of work, so there was no nice ride out west for me today. However, since I work in Center City, I went over to Love Park and ate dinner there. They dyed all the water green which is super dope looking. Work also ruled today. I teach an after school program for 2nd and 3rd graders and since it was so nice out, we mostly just played wall ball. Furthermore, I just found out that we're playing at a laser tag place in Santa Maria, CA and we get free laser tag. I can't fucking wait for tour. In the meantime, listen to the new Paint it Black record and enjoy this shitty sidekick picture of my new yellow handlebar tape and the green fountain at Love Park:

Head Above Water This Year, Boys

I just opened this up. I was going to do it on livejournal, but this was easier. There's a point to this and it is as follows:

Won't Be Pathetic Forever isn't about astronauts and ninjas, it's about us (I know. How are you supposed to LOL at that? Sorry, dudes/non-dudes.). The record is about our shitty everyday lives and this blog is supposed to give you a window into the monotony of our vapid exsistence. I'm hoping I can get all of the dudes to post here and you'll get the chance to read it pretty often. I guess we'll also keep you up to date on Wonder Years shit too.