Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Party Sucks

Myspace blocks blogspot so we're shifting gears. For all info on our new record, hit up:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Van. New Practice Spot.

Today, Josh and I picked up the new Wonder Years van. We're really excited:

Friday started practice at our new practice spot at my house in South Philly. The next few weeks are sure to bring out my neighbors hatred for me:

Casey had some videos of the the practice but his car was broken into last night and his laptop got stolen. Bummer city.

More detailed updates on writing and shit next week. Maybe a new blog altogether if I can get someone to help me set up a decent looking one.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Videos

I posted some new videos of us playing at Kent State University on April 30, 2009. I will be posting some of my projects from school soon. Keep checking back.

-Matt Brasch

Kent State

Thanks to everyone who came out to our show with Motion City Soundtrack last thursday. It was a long drive for a one off, but seeing some familiar faces and a bunch of kids getting into it was definitely worth it. Here is a picture from the show. It felt good to play, since shows have been few and far between this spring. But as soup said below, we are ready to hit the basement and write what we think will be the best stuff we've turned out so far... Also, get ready for us to announce a few east coast dates in the near future! Hang on guys and girls, it will all be worth the wait...

Monday, May 4, 2009

We've been slacking on updating this

and honestly, I'm considering moving it to tumblr because myspace blocks links to blogspot for some reason. Things haven't been too exciting, but they're about to turn around. This week we move all the gear into my basement in South Philly and start hardcore writing for the record. We have 7 songs done. I want to double that at least.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Weekend in a long time.


My brothers in Fireworks got added to the New Found Glory/Set Your Goals/Bayside tour. They got the call while in Nashville with We Are the Union and hauled ass through the night to Philly. The dudes got to myself around noon. We hung out. They showered and went to Gianna's and then we headed to the venue for load in. The guys hooked me up with an all access pass and I had a really good time. The dude from The AKAs was doing tattoos backstage. Fireworks killed it and I know they will the rest of the tour. If you're going to see the show, be sure to support the guys. This is the first tour they've been on that's this size but won't be the last! Pictures below of NFG on stage and the pass I got.


Today ruled for a few reasons. One, the flyers won. Two, I got some work done on my 25 page paper for my senior seminar. Three, I scored free tickets to TNA Lockdown. For those of you who don't know what TNA is (and I didn't until this week), it's another pro-wrestling organization like WWE. A lot of wrestlers that aren't under contract with WWE anymore ended up here and there was some serious talent on the card. The point of lock down was that every match is in a cage. The highlight of the night was watching Mick Foley win the championship. When I was maybe 11, my dad took me to see WWF In Your House Mind Games. The headliner was Shawn Michaels vs Foley (as Mankind). I never thought I'd get to see him wrestle again and I was really excited he won. I don't see him doing too many more matches. Below is a picture from the seats Jack and I snuck into. It was an 8 man cage match and two dudes were fighting on the top when I took the photo.

Friday, April 3, 2009

6:00 PM. Philadelphia. City Hall.

Sometimes, shitty days don't end that way.